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          Dalco customer service discussing solutions around a table.
          Customized Solutions

          At Dalco, we work with customers from all different market segments to address their unique cleaning needs and objectives. With our 360-degree approach and experienced representative team, we can strategically design a facility maintenance plan specifically for your needs which will deliver your desired results.

          Entryway of the Dalco office building.
          Building Maintenance Supplies

          Cleaning products and building maintenance are Dalco’s sole focus. This specialization keeps you on the leading edge of developments in the industry and offers a greater depth of process knowledge and product expertise. Dalco works with the world’s most recognizable brands to bring you innovative solutions.

          Dalco employee repairing a floor buffer.
          equipment service & repair
          Properly maintained cleaning equipment keeps your staff on-schedule and on budget. With factory certified technicians, onsite service capabilities, extensive parts inventory and mobile service vans, Dalco will keep your equipment in peak operating condition, reduce down time and extend the life of your machines.

          Businessperson interacting with workforce software.
          workforce optimization & training

          Labor and associated costs account for around 90% of most facility maintenance budgets. An organized and well-trained workforce directly impacts the bottom-line. That’s why Dalco offers workforce optimization software, customized cleaning processes and comprehensive training at our facility, online and on-site.



          THE dalco DIFFERENCE

          Maintaining a clean, healthy and safe facility is a demanding job. Rising labor costs, tight timelines and shrinking budgets can make efficient and effective cleaning a challenge. That’s where Dalco comes in.

          We offer an impressive selection of cleaning products and equipment from the most trusted brands in the industry – but that’s not what makes us different. The Dalco difference is about working in partnership with our customers to address facility maintenance needs from a 360-degree perspective. We work to understand each client’s unique objectives and design a facility maintenance plan that will deliver great results and excellent value.

          2019 MINNESOTA Family Business of the Year




          Dalco Enterprises building in New Brighton.
          We have 8 branches in Minnesota,
          Wisconsin and Michigan


          • St. Croix Falls School District


            "I’ve been working with Dalco for my building supplies for over 5 years. Not only do we share a great business relationship, but I have a sales rep that’s always available when I need answers or have product questions. Their cleaning supplies, equipment, and customer service are top-notch. They also help keep me on the cutting edge for efficiency and state-of-the-art solutions.  They have helped me with training opportunities, equipment needs, and help me stay within my operational budgets. I am also implementing their “Clean Plan” software to fine-tune my buildings and staffing duties to stay as efficient as possible in these changing times. I strongly recommend Dalco for all your facility managing needs."


            Nathan P., Director of Buildings and Grounds

          • YMCA

            Health & Social Services | Minneapolis, MN

            “By standardizing our products and processes across YMCA locations, Dalco was able to help us increase our staff efficiency and lower our costs by consolidating our purchasing power. They’re experts in facility maintenance and can translate that knowledge into the best products and processes for our business. Dalco is a trusted resource of ours. I know they always have the YMCA’s best interest at heart.”

            Heidi M., Director of Purchasing
          • 3M

            Commercial & Industrial | St. Paul, MN

            “Dalco is my go-to for answers. Whether our goal is improving our processes or increasing productivity, the Dalco team never fails to provide us with choices that work. I most appreciate the way Dalco customizes solutions for our business and keeps the same great level of service for all of our facilities across the country.
            If you are looking for a partner in business that puts your goals ahead of their own, then choose Dalco, they are always spot on for us.”

            Tim R., Project Leader
          • ISD #2165

            K12 Education  |  Hinckley, MN


            "Dalco has been able to streamline my product needs by reducing my cleaning inventory down to a few very effective and cost saving products. I now have a one stop shop for paper, cleaning products, equipment, service and repair work. My Dalco account rep has great knowledge on products and can provide outside specialists to solve specific needs. The equipment service department has been great too. You can actually talk to a person to find a specific repair part.

            If you want great customer service, great products, great pricing, all under on roof, just call Dalco."


            Joe F.


          • Normandale Community College

            Higher Education  |  Bloomington, MN


            "In our industry many products work, what makes the difference is relationship building. Dalco reps take time to build relationships and from there a sense of trust fosters. Kate our account manager from Dalco understands our needs and only approaches us on things that would help our staff do their job more efficiently and cost effectively. She listens and together we create a solution.

            Dalco introduced us to Clean Plan, their workforce optimization software, and it has evolved our staff. We now can hold each staff member accountable, work areas were evened out which translated into cleaner areas and lots of compliments from the students, staff and administration."


            Patrick B., Associate Vice President of Operations and Safety

          • "Thorough presentation, great demonstrations, willing, quick and helpful chat associates. Thank you, GREAT job!"


            Anonymous Feedback from Virtual Training Conference





            “The other week we had an unscheduled Health Dept. inspection in the Kitchen at the County Jail. The only thing that was found was a burnt out light bulb. I really appreciate everyone’s help over the years at Dalco getting this Kitchen up to a much better standard. Terry does an excellent job with routine inspections, working with Kitchen staff, and keeping a good line of communication open about any potential issues. 


            Just like any service, 2020 has been a difficult year in navigating personal safety and keeping things in operation. 


            I appreciate everyone’s help and wanted to give a big shout-out to Terry.”


            Aaron K., Facilities Manager

          • Maple Ridge Care Center

            Long Term Care Facility? |? Spooner, WI


            "When I took over this position the previous manager wasn't still in place. I called my Dalco account rep and he came for a visit within days. We discussed all the products being used here at Maple Ridge. He informed me that he can stop in every month and that I should call anytime I have a problem. This was great for me to know I had service close by. Dalco has been a great company to work with and is very competitive in their pricing. I am very glad they are working for me to provide quality products and service."


            Patty B., Environmental Services Manager

          • East Central School District

            K12 Education? |? Finlayson, MN


            "The service we receive is always courteous and I feel the best interest of the customer is always Dalco's top priority. I rely heavily on the honest advice and suggestions I receive on everything from equipment to chemicals and Mike has earned nearly all of our custodial business. Every aspect of my relationship with Dalco has been very positive and I would highly recommend Dalco and my Dalco representative, Mike Felton, to everyone."


            Gerry K., Building and Grounds Supervisor

          • James J. Hill Center

            Non-Profit Organization? |? St. Paul, MN


            "The most valuable part of working with Dalco is the knowledge and experience they have to offer. My account manager, Jason Falvey, has greatly helped us out with our floor finishing. He has given us a step by step process which is very easy to understand and works along with us to ensure the project goes smoothly. I recommend Dalco, they have the answers to all your facility needs."


            Mike C., Assistant Manger Building Services

          • Chisago Lakes School District

            K12 Education? |? Lindstrom, MN


            "We have had a host of needs that Dalco has been able to help us with. We have installed Tennant's Orbio cleaning and disinfecting generator which has helped us cut down on the amount of chemicals we purchased and costs pennies to use and operate. They also recently sold us a new dish machine for one of our schools at a competitive price. Dalco has offered more affordable options for us with their cleaning chemicals and supplies.

            Besides competitive pricing Dalco brings value with their service. Dalco is always coming up with new ideas and product to try. If something is ever wrong they will make it right. Dalco never takes you for granted. They always strive to do things better and work with their vendors to be ahead of the curve in cleaning innovation."


            Stephen M., Director of Buildings and Grounds



            "The collaboration with everyone at Dalco was one of my favorite elements of the training conference. It was great working with everyone on the training segments. You guys are awesome at what you do!!"


            Anonymous Feedback from Virtual Training Conference



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